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Sita has for many years means competence in the field of basic and emergency drainage of flat roofs. Each product – experience in the production of many millions of rainwater roof drains. We consistently adhere to one main objective: quality in all areas. In the production of drainage systems and ventilation Sita – unrivaled leader in Germany. We know how important the quality of the product for an excellent end result. Therefore, we make every effort to help with our products and systems provide the ideal basis for your work. With Sita You can rest assured that with the build quality.

Storm drainage is used to collect rainwater from all surfaces (roofs, lawns, etc.).

Classic or vacuum drainage Sita, Sita emergency drainage through the parapet walls or retaining elements, effective ventilation for flat roofs or reliable drainage? For each task, Sita offers you reliable and compliance solution, whether it is a separate product or system.

Classic (samotёchny) drainage
This is the traditional way of internal drainage with flat roofs, regulated by the standard DIN EN 12056 Part 3 and DIN 1986 Part 100. The operating principle of the classical drainage system is based on the diversion of water from the flat roof by means of roof drains and the system laid sloped piping. When operating the tube partially filled with water. At the same time, must not exceed the maximum fill level: for collectors – h / d = 0,7, for vertical risers – f = 0,33. The system is characterized by the classic drainage rainwater drainage by gravity water. Moving water in horizontal pipelines due to their bias. The effectiveness of the classical drainage system is largely determined by this bias, as well as the construction of roof drains. For example, to increase the capacity of the system affect the size of the receiving funnel bowl roof.

Vacuum drainage
Even weak rain pipe system quickly filled with water, which leads them to the formation of a negative pressure (vacuum). In this specially designed roof funnel system SitaDSS, equipped element SitaAirstop, prevent air from entering the system, by the action of “Coriolis forces”. Because of the high flow velocity in horizontal pipeline and water flow in the riser is formed depression or “suction” effect, due to which there is a rapid and effective release of the roof surface and the piping system from rainwater. Due to this vacuum drainage system has a number of important construction and technical and economic advantages.

Emergency drainage
To protect people, buildings and property have adopted new sets of rules in which the roof drainage system is considered as a whole – from the roof of the funnel, a pipeline to connect to the central sewage system.
The total roof drainage system is divided into primary and emergency. The main drainage system is designed by the design module rainfall. Emergency drainage system must be designed in such a way that it provides a reliable outlet on the bottom of the volume of water, which corresponds to the difference between the centenarian and settlement modules precipitation. Sita solves this problem in accordance with DIN EN 12056-3 and DIN 1986-100 using two different options for emergency drainage systems.

Drainage of balconies, terraces and drainage funnel SitaCompact and SitaMini
For perfect drainage in small flat roofs, terraces, balconies and garages due to limited conditions need small and at the same time highly effective options funnels. Specifically for this application have been developed a series of compact polyurethane funnels SitaCompact and SitaMini. SitaCompact, roofing small funnel with high capacity, suitable for almost any
installation situation. Where there is little space for the installation of conventional roof drains, SitaCompact – the most optimal choice. When other roofing funnels already rented, SitaCompact only starts to really work.

Drainage of balconies, terraces and drainage: mine landscaping for roofs with intensive and extensive landscaping
Mine landscaping Sita- optimal solution for roofs with greenery, as well as to drain rainwater at all levels of multi-level structures. Equally effective for both extensive and intensive roof for landscaping, gardening Audit mine Sita provides the perfect diversion of rainwater. The main portion and the tie-back element is formed as a single structure and is easily fitted to the roof greening level by enabling stepless adjustment. Frame and mesh grille are highly durable and are in harmony with the surface in appearance and height.

Drainage of balconies, terraces and drainage: drainage outfall using SitaDrain® – a 100% tochnostLuzhi and spray with rain shower often lead to serious damage to the plaster, insulation and low-lying window frames and door elements. Therefore, a great addition to the drainage system on isolated exploited roofs, balconies and terraces will be SitaDrain®. Like a protective belt, SitaDrain® located around the building.
In addition, wisely selected material, dimensioning of the system, as well as professional performance allow you to quietly look to the future. Execution SitaDrain® as stainless and galvanized steel guarantees special durability.

Remediation: repair flat roofs using SitaSani®
All work on the system. This statement fully applies to the replacement of roof drains in the repair of the roof. If previously reliable connection of the new roof waterproofing the old system roof outlets was extremely tricky exercise, but now thanks to the special repair craters Sita solves this problem. At the expense of
use of a special O-ring reconstruction funnel creates a continuous feeding canal element that provides a complete sealing of the new roof waterproofing to the old crater.

Ventilation: ventilation of flat roofs with system fans Sita
The system fan Sita is a reliable and highly functional system with its accurately matched to each other components that are designed for continuous aeration and ventilation and “cold” roofs. Using various combinations of elements can be a solution for all applications and mounting conditions as for single-layer and two-layer structure of the roof. The design of roof fans
optimized aerodynamics air flow. Important advantages of the system fans Sita – ease of sealing and installation. Thanks ready allotment of 180 °, these fans are ideal for use as a sealed bushings for lines of communication to be carried out on the roof.

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