Concrete work.

Any work carried out according to certain rules. Why is private developers in 90% of cases did not even bother to look through SNIP 03/03/01 – 87 “Concrete work” before embarking on this same work. Many rescues that most running cement grade 400 or even under adverse conditions have time to acquire half of its strength. This is despite the low-rise building and helps inexperienced developers. But the percentage of defects is quite large, and that’s cracked walls and the questions arise: how to fix it.

How to make a solid concrete – building secrets!

Many novice builders are wondering how properly you need to mix concrete, so it turned out dense and quality. Concrete – it’s one of the few universal materials that are indispensable in the construction industry. It is used in the installation of the facade at home and in the decoration of individual rooms, without concrete pour asphalt impossible. When large-scale construction can take advantage of this service, as a manufacturer of concrete on the hard concrete Rifey 25, and a minor work can be done independently sturdy composition.

Pouring concrete in special circumstances

Many had to face the problem of performing concrete screed, especially in the winter. Pouring concrete in winter differs significantly from such work, which is carried out in the summer, and requires knowledge of some features. Another school lessons from physics it is known that water at subzero temperatures, takes the form of a solid, i.e. ice becomes, which is several times the volume of water becomes greater. Thus, when concrete is poured water in the winter in the usual way, a part of the solution freezes, it stops the process of solidification and forms in conjunction breaks. Particularly harmful to concrete are temperature changes. Over, we can not say that there is no any setting, but after repeated thawing and freezing pouring concrete into the formwork can give a zero result.

Pouring the foundation under the fence: Tools tab, tips!

Any holiday and infield fence fenced. It is necessary for the protection of buildings in the area from unwanted visitors, including animals and humans. In addition, the fence is necessary to indicate the boundaries of a particular site. Pouring the foundation under the fence requires a special approach and knowledge.

How to knead concrete: proportions . Tips for beginners.

Concrete – it’s hard artificial building material, which is obtained thanks to a special hardening mixture, consisting of binders, aggregates and water. Concrete is considered the most versatile building material. So he has found application in all areas of construction. To obtain high-quality products are only recommended first-class components and strictly adhere to the established proportions.