How to make a solid concrete – building secrets!

Many novice builders are wondering how properly you need to mix concrete, so it turned out dense and quality. Concrete – it’s one of the few universal materials that are indispensable in the construction industry. It is used in the installation of the facade at home and in the decoration of individual rooms, without concrete pour asphalt impossible. When large-scale construction can take advantage of this service, as a manufacturer of concrete on the hard concrete Rifey 25, and a minor work can be done independently sturdy composition.

Useful Tips

As is well known, the concrete mix can be constructed of sand, cement, water, aggregate, and various additives. You need to remember only one thing – the proportions of each material must be determined strictly on the specified recipe.

For different purposes cook different concrete structure, so it is important to determine the pre-appointment.

The strength of concrete depends on the quality and strength of the cement – the base material. It provides a bunch of cement other components. The best option for a mixture of Portland cement concrete is who is able to provide a better grip elements.

When buying cement, it is necessary to pay attention to the brand. As a rule, the best mark – this M 500, it will be strong enough concrete. You also need to look at the ratio of impurities in the cement, the best option when the index – D 20. In addition to the brand and impurities, it is important to evaluate the appearance of the cement, it must be dry.

Sand is also necessary to choose responsibly. It should be clean and uniform. It is best to use river sand, with it you can get a light and durable concrete.

The ratio of elements in concrete made often take this:

1: 3: 6 (cement, sand, filler);
1 part water.

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