The composition of the concrete for the foundation: how to cook and to calculate the right amount of concrete mix

Oddly enough, but most people, when confronted with the construction of the concrete foundation, prefers not to order a ready solution in specialized companies, and kneading it by yourself. Perhaps they think that it happened cheaper. Although it is actually just the opposite. Convince people is difficult enough, but these stereotypes we will try to break with the site In this article answer to the eternal question, What is the composition of the concrete for the foundation to choose how to calculate the amount you need and how to prepare a solution.

How to prepare concrete

Information on how to make concrete, useful in many construction works – in the construction of the foundation, installation of partitions, concrete floor, etc. This operation is one of the most labor-intensive and dirty, and the quality of these works depends on the durability and reliability of the entire structure as a whole.  

Concrete work.

Any work carried out according to certain rules. Why is private developers in 90% of cases did not even bother to look through SNIP 03/03/01 – 87 “Concrete work” before embarking on this same work. Many rescues that most running cement grade 400 or even under adverse conditions have time to acquire half of its strength. This is despite the low-rise building and helps inexperienced developers. But the percentage of defects is quite large, and that’s cracked walls and the questions arise: how to fix it.

How to make a solid concrete – building secrets!

Many novice builders are wondering how properly you need to mix concrete, so it turned out dense and quality. Concrete – it’s one of the few universal materials that are indispensable in the construction industry. It is used in the installation of the facade at home and in the decoration of individual rooms, without concrete pour asphalt impossible. When large-scale construction can take advantage of this service, as a manufacturer of concrete on the hard concrete Rifey 25, and a minor work can be done independently sturdy composition.

Pvc profiles

For half a century of PVC settled in window manufacturing. Plastic windows combine good thermal properties, practical, attractive appearance and very reasonable cost. High quality PVC profile is environmentally safe, immune from the effects of corrosion and chemically aggressive environments, withstands climatic influences. Note that in the manufacture of plastic window is used raw materials of natural origin: oil and table salt. Moreover, leading manufacturers are moving towards environmentally friendly calcium-zinc technology. Plastic profile resembles a tube divided into closed cavities cameras (2-6). The number of cameras detects heat and sound insulation characteristics of the system. Strength, stability, reliability, and geometric stability of PVC windows provides galvanized steel reinforcing insert which is placed in the main chamber. Special attention should be paid to ensure the tightness of PVC windows. For sealing abutment steklopaketikov to use sash glazing bead contours of synthetic rubber (EPDM-rubber). Aesthetically benefit system, in which the seal is flush with molding.

Electroplating vs hot-dip galvanized steel products.

Scope of steel products and structures in the modern world is incredibly diverse. Protection of steel from corrosion, and hence increase the life of the products and designs a vital issue for manufacturers and builders. Requirements for galvanizing products dictated by the market, in an environment of strong competition protective coating together with a decorative effect gives a competitive advantage. In construction, the use of galvanized structures are also inevitable, given the climatic conditions of our country. The number of construction projects, with the requirements of the supply of galvanized metal increases annually. If you face the challenge of manufacture any steel products, it is time to think about the protective coating of zinc and choosing a partner.

Drainage system Sita. Roofing funnel Sita. Storm drainage

Sita has for many years means competence in the field of basic and emergency drainage of flat roofs. Each product – experience in the production of many millions of rainwater roof drains. We consistently adhere to one main objective: quality in all areas. In the production of drainage systems and ventilation Sita – unrivaled leader in Germany. We know how important the quality of the product for an excellent end result. Therefore, we make every effort to help with our products and systems provide the ideal basis for your work. With Sita You can rest assured that with the build quality. Storm drainage is used to collect rainwater from all surfaces (roofs, lawns, etc.).

How to hammer a nail

According to the classification of construction nails are materials such as fasteners or hardware (small parts). There are many functions performed by nails – from ordinary bonding boards to “pristrelivaniya” wooden structures to concrete base. Material for the manufacture of conventional construction nails is a crude steel. By coating the nails are: Electro hot-dip galvanized Acid-resistant copper For capital construction building codes is recommended to use nails, hot-dip galvanized passed. Black nails can only be used in temporary structures as they are oxidized even by prolonged contact with the air, and hence – rust.

Pouring the foundation under the fence: Tools tab, tips!

Any holiday and infield fence fenced. It is necessary for the protection of buildings in the area from unwanted visitors, including animals and humans. In addition, the fence is necessary to indicate the boundaries of a particular site. Pouring the foundation under the fence requires a special approach and knowledge.

How to knead concrete: proportions . Tips for beginners.

Concrete – it’s hard artificial building material, which is obtained thanks to a special hardening mixture, consisting of binders, aggregates and water. Concrete is considered the most versatile building material. So he has found application in all areas of construction. To obtain high-quality products are only recommended first-class components and strictly adhere to the established proportions.

How to Fit Plasterboard.

Option 1 The first step is to measure the height of the room. Then, in the same length are cut the three profiles. Calculate the width of the walls of the box. If you are going to paste over his tiles, it is best to withstand the width times the width of the tile, then you do not have to cut it. If you are going to putty and paint box, its size makes as little as possible. Using a pencil, draw a square and a line on the floor, which will be mounted box given its size. Drafted on the lines set and attach to the walls of the two guides. Mounting screws with plugs made inserted into the drilled holes in the wall. Checking vertical level of the building is made. Cut a piece of drywall, which will serve as one of the walls of the box. This can be done with a hacksaw or jigsaw on the given size in advance. It immediately tighten screws to one of the established profiles. Carefully measure out and cut the second strip of drywall. The third profile is screwed to the inside of the installed drywall. It will serve as a rib structure. It remains only to tie the second cut strip of drywall – and your box is ready! Option 2 The difference with the first embodiment is that the boxes should have three walls, respectively, four metal guides. In other respects the principle of fabrication and installation of the same box as in the first embodiment. If the duct must be large, the vertical guide are interconnected by two horizontal, which can be produced from scrap. This must be done to make the structure stiffness. The horizontal profiles are fixed to the floor and ceiling. The side walls of the box are made equal to the width of all lines and rectangular structure checked the level and square.

How to repair interior doors

Of course, the door can be classified as parts apartments, which accounts for a huge amount of stress. Every day she used many times, and in a bad mood owners may well be subject to critical and overloads. Because does not look amazing fact that it was the door and goes down first. To repair the interior doors with their hands quite a feasible task, and on this we will describe in this article. To begin with, let’s say that the repair of interior doors can move at a very considerable period of time, if care for her, care is not subject to excessive load. However, even with the most loyal and careful regard, the door will be damaged. Interestingly, the repair is possible, even if the door was very serious damage. However, before the start of the recovery, it is necessary to calculate whether it will come more expensive than buying a whole new leaf.

Shower cubicles (multifunction models).

Few people think, how often do we use the bath for its intended purpose. Unfortunately, immersion in a fragrant foam cup in the majority of the working population is simply no time. Have time to take a shower. In the bath, or better yet – in the shower. The advantage of the shower are endless. This acquisition will be particularly appropriate in a typical apartment, where every inch of valuable storage space. In addition, the bath is not always suitable for those who have small children in the house, or the older generation. Inter alia, the shower can be a place where you can relax after a hard day’s work, as well as improve their health. Relaxing function capable of performing multi-function models that include options such as massage, chromotherapy, aromateropiya, Turkish bath. In addition to improving complexes showers can be equipped with built-in radio, CD player, telephone. Of course, the more features, the more difficult and more expensive to get the whole system. Hence the difference in the price: the cost of the same model in a different configuration may vary several times.