Pvc profiles

For half a century of PVC settled in window manufacturing. Plastic windows combine good thermal properties, practical, attractive appearance and very reasonable cost.
High quality PVC profile is environmentally safe, immune from the effects of corrosion and chemically aggressive environments, withstands climatic influences. Note that in the manufacture of plastic window is used raw materials of natural origin: oil and table salt. Moreover, leading manufacturers are moving towards environmentally friendly calcium-zinc technology.

Plastic profile resembles a tube divided into closed cavities cameras (2-6). The number of cameras detects heat and sound insulation characteristics of the system. Strength, stability, reliability, and geometric stability of PVC windows provides galvanized steel reinforcing insert which is placed in the main chamber.

Special attention should be paid to ensure the tightness of PVC windows. For sealing abutment steklopaketikov to use sash glazing bead contours of synthetic rubber (EPDM-rubber). Aesthetically benefit system, in which the seal is flush with molding.

To prevent blowing out of the window gapping slats to the frame placed in the box sealing contours (1-3), which can have a complicated shape. For example, in the profiles Rehau used so-called double-lobe seal of synthetic rubber, high reliability and long life (15 years).
Selection of a particular profile of the system depends on many factors including the design and material of the outer walls, windows operating conditions, including heat treatment of the building. However, the more efficient the window profile, the more expensive it is. In other words, it is important to find a balance between the technical system requirements and financial capabilities of the consumer.

Measurement of the window opening.

At first glance, quite easy to make a measurement, but it is necessary to take into account features of the window opening, type of home, as well as external and internal finishes. Firstly, the measurement should produce the window opening from both sides. It is necessary to more accurately determine the depth of a quarter of an existing window opening.

Second, remember that the maximum dimensions of frames designs on average not more than 3000 mm in width and 2500 mm in height. Specify whether drew attention engineer measurements on the internal dimensions of the freight elevator and stairwells when lifting by hand.

Third, consider the fact that the window opening may already be heavily skewed, so that it becomes necessary to forcibly increase the window size to the current value of the skew.

Fourth, remember that outside the underside of the box for water drainage must be set low tide. Ask the engineer noted a little less than the width of the ebb current.

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