The composition of the concrete for the foundation: how to cook and to calculate the right amount of concrete mix

Oddly enough, but most people, when confronted with the construction of the concrete foundation, prefers not to order a ready solution in specialized companies, and kneading it by yourself. Perhaps they think that it happened cheaper. Although it is actually just the opposite. Convince people is difficult enough, but these stereotypes we will try to break with the site In this article answer to the eternal question, What is the composition of the concrete for the foundation to choose how to calculate the amount you need and how to prepare a solution.

Pouring concrete in special circumstances

Many had to face the problem of performing concrete screed, especially in the winter. Pouring concrete in winter differs significantly from such work, which is carried out in the summer, and requires knowledge of some features. Another school lessons from physics it is known that water at subzero temperatures, takes the form of a solid, i.e. ice becomes, which is several times the volume of water becomes greater. Thus, when concrete is poured water in the winter in the usual way, a part of the solution freezes, it stops the process of solidification and forms in conjunction breaks. Particularly harmful to concrete are temperature changes. Over, we can not say that there is no any setting, but after repeated thawing and freezing pouring concrete into the formwork can give a zero result.

Pouring the foundation under the fence: Tools tab, tips!

Any holiday and infield fence fenced. It is necessary for the protection of buildings in the area from unwanted visitors, including animals and humans. In addition, the fence is necessary to indicate the boundaries of a particular site. Pouring the foundation under the fence requires a special approach and knowledge.