Pouring the foundation under the fence: Tools tab, tips!

Pouring the foundation under the fence: Tools tab, tips!

Any holiday and infield fence fenced. It is necessary for the protection of buildings in the area from unwanted visitors, including animals and humans. In addition, the fence is necessary to indicate the boundaries of a particular site. Pouring the foundation under the fence requires a special approach and knowledge.

Stages of pouring the foundation for the fence

Everyone who builds for himself any construction, suitable for construction with special attention, does it efficiently and reliably. With regard to their infield fence also requires a careful approach to it has served for a long time, to stand firmly in place and reliably serves as a protection area of the site.

Any fence construction begins with the foundation.
Consider the stages of construction of the foundation under the fence.

Firstly, apply the layout lines guards its territory. The layout of the territory is necessary to carry out correctly and does not affect the territory of a neighboring plot, because to correct this deficiency will be very difficult, but a quarrel with a neighbor is almost impossible to avoid. To make the axis will need the following tools:
A Rope;
Pegs to secure the marked label;
Measuring tape to measure the territory;
Second, the very foundation tab. On the type of foundation is influenced by several factors:
Type the future of the fence;
The height of the fence;
Type of ground area;
The terrain in the area.
How to choose the right foundation for the fence?

The solution for the foundation
The solution for the foundation
Identify with the foundation, it is important to distinguish that the wooden fence and concrete require different foundations. Accordingly, the wooden fence that much easier, so does not require a lot of effort and deeper foundation. How to properly and how to choose the foundation for a fence?

For brick or metal pillars is recommended to select a columnar and strip foundation. Thus, if you plan on poles fixing dull metal or concrete panels need to strip foundation, dug into the ground, at least half a meter. In this case, the width of the base should be equal to the width of the pillars. In addition, it would be impossible to do without the use of wire mesh.

Plaiting (forged) fence with clearance can only drill a hole under the pier foundation. Combined foundation for the brick fence will suit best.

Stone foundation will be the perfect accompaniment with forged metal railing. Since the base of the foundation should be above ground level somewhere half a meter, such a combination will look just fine.
Problems with the choice of the base under the fence can create heaving soils. As a rule, in the winter the ground freezes, expands, and the ground rises, pushing outward structure, but with the onset of heat falls into place. In connection with these changes, the foundation gradually collapses and becomes unusable. So here it is better to choose base on screw piles.


Types of foundation:
  • Strip foundation for fencing looks like a concrete ribbon, which established the elements of the fence. Strip foundation for the fence requires the use of concrete M200, you can choose the brand with a higher value. The diameter of the valve should be at least 8 mm and 10 mm. Still need to coarse sand and Formwork – laminated plywood (it can be replaced with wooden boards that stray from the boards, whose thickness is 25 mm).
Fence of corrugated board to require a more in-depth foundation for metal tape needed the largest possible width. For tape strips need at least 2 or 3 days.
  • For sufficiently lightweight structures established pier foundation.
  • Combined foundation includes a combination of two foundations: columnar and ribbon. For its construction primarily for pre-metered markup digs a trench, after which, at a distance of 2 or 3 meters from each other by poles dug pit whose width is not less than 40 cm. Depth of the wells should be about 1.5 m.

Later in the excavated pit installed poles and filled with concrete mix. In prepared in advance, trench fit frame made of rebar, and set formwork for the foundation of the fence. The entire structure must again pour concrete mixture.
Fill pillar for fence
Fill pillar for fence
Materials for the construction of the base under the fence and the sequence of actions:
Harvesting pits under the poles need to drill. After installing the poles into the pit before you pour the concrete mixture, it is necessary to fill sand mixed with gravel. Enough to fill 20 cm of the mixture, to align columns in a hole and pour concrete. This type of foundation is very economical, as opposed to the previous two.

Pile Foundation is a metal tube which has at the end of the blade, carry out the tasks of the anchor. The main objective: to place it below the freezing ground level. The blade is capable of holding a pile in the ground during lifting heaving soils.

To install the piles used a special technique, but you can cope with the problem and personally. This will require a lot of effort, but can save half of the budget.

For laying the foundation required butogo natural stone. If some work to do to collect the stone in the fields, you can save a decent budget. Laying of such facilities is a bit like packing tape type of foundation.
Pouring the foundation for a fence requires the following actions:

First of all, be prepared trench;
Then she laid gravel, which is necessary after laying a little moisten;
Pouring the foundation of the fence
Pouring the foundation of the fence
Lay large stones, connect them with cement solution (it should be about 20% of the foundation;
Masonry is raised above the ground at 30-50 cm from the ground.
The strength of the foundation depends on the reliability and durability of the fence. Therefore, laying the foundation must go carefully and correctly. If you have any doubt that you will cope with the problem on their own, it is better to turn to professionals who do the job properly.

Some secrets are important to know when installing the fence area.

How to pour the foundation for the fence to fence has served reliably for many years? There are some aspects of pouring the foundation, and they definitely need to know everyone.

To supporting pillars standing firmly, the material can serve as a brick, specially treated wood or corners;
As a simple post installation solutions can be used in the metal pipe of a square shape having a cross section of 50 * 50 mm and dig into the ground, at least 1.3 m;
Any soil soil is able to pick up all the water from the concrete mix, it is recommended to thoroughly moisten the entire soil ground.
Preparation of pipes instillation into the ground:

  • Make cleaning pipes in areas damaged by corrosion;
  • Using a solvent to degrease the entire surface is necessary;
  • Metal pipe requires careful primer;
  • After sizing, pipes, apply two coats of paint.

Paint to paint, you can choose the color of the fence, but you can take any other hue. It is not so important.

How to extend the life of metal poles?
The greatest enemies of the foundation – a soil (soil freezes part) and water. For proper pouring foundation waterproofing is necessary to study the supporting pillars. For good waterproofing usually use specially made covers, they are installed on top of the supports.
Supports, in certain places (for example, at the gate, where the load is too large) set the most massive and can handle heavy loads, so as not to turn everything fence.
Foundation for the fence posts, which will be attached deck, require the installation of several transverse metal pipes with a cross section of 20 * 40 mm. Metal sheets in this case, will be secured with screws, and facilitate the work of installing the fence can help electric drill and screwdriver.