How to knead concrete: proportions . Tips for beginners.

Concrete – it’s hard artificial building material, which is obtained thanks to a special hardening mixture, consisting of binders, aggregates and water. Concrete is considered the most versatile building material. So he has found application in all areas of construction. To obtain high-quality products are only recommended first-class components and strictly adhere to the established proportions.

Often, however, prior to construction, not all even know what proportions for concrete  is better to use. The choice of optimal proportions influenced by many factors. This required grade of concrete and cement brand and type of gravel and sand, and the use of various additives. There are several major types of cement, which differ from each other strength solutions were prepared which after solidification. The most common are considered marks 200, 300, 400, 500 and 600. The higher the mark the cement, the more viscous solution obtained therefrom which is cooked.

The most important function is performed in a solution of concrete cement and water. They are required to connect all the components into a single whole.Therefore, from the builder requires a special responsibility in choosing the proportions of these components. Rubble and sand act as a kind of framework, which accounts for all the shrinkage stresses. Thanks to him for ready-mixed concrete is considerably less shrinkage.

In general, to make the proportion of concrete with his hands take one part of cement, gravel four parts, two parts sand and half a part of water. Afterwards the kneading all the components. At the beginning of mixed sand and cement. Since they have almost identical flowability, then mix these materials is not difficult. Then add water and start to mix until smooth. And finally, add the rubble. Mixing can be done both manually and with the help of a concrete mixer. The presence of such devices greatly simplifies the work, but in small volumes of its application is impractical.

It will be appreciated that the solution for a limited period of use, as with time, it begins to set.

We hope that through this article, you figured out how to make concrete, proportions and all the other important things we have tried to describe so that they could understand even the most novice builder .