The composition of the concrete for the foundation: how to cook and to calculate the right amount of concrete mix

Oddly enough, but most people, when confronted with the construction of the concrete foundation, prefers not to order a ready solution in specialized companies, and kneading it by yourself. Perhaps they think that it happened cheaper. Although it is actually just the opposite. Convince people is difficult enough, but these stereotypes we will try to break with the site In this article answer to the eternal question, What is the composition of the concrete for the foundation to choose how to calculate the amount you need and how to prepare a solution.

The composition of the concrete for the foundation: it is cheaper to buy ready-mixed concrete or knead it yourself

Calculate the cost of making concrete is quite simple – you need to add up the cost of sand, cement and gravel. The sum obtained is small, only when these calculations for some reason many forget to take into account labor costs, rent or purchase the necessary equipment and the quality of the final result. As a result, taking into account the above factors, is cheaper and safer to purchase ready-mixed concrete, than to cook it yourself.
You also need to take into account the so-called factor of volume – how much for one batch of concrete can be prepared by yourself? Well, not exactly 2m3. Why such a bulk? It’s simple – so solid foundation, a much stronger and more reliable. And to get a monolith, the foundation must be poured, as they say, in one fell swoop. If you do not know how to prepare concrete for the foundation of all at once, then it is better to book in its entirety on a dedicated facility.

There is another factor, speaking in favor of the finished concrete solution – is the lack of labor-intensive processes. Concrete for the foundation, made with their own hands, even with the mixer involves exercise – wear ingredients in buckets, and then the concrete itself is quite tedious.

How to calculate the amount of concrete for the foundation.

In principle, the calculation of concrete in the foundation of the school is a mystery. What is measured by the amount of concrete? In cubic meters. How do you calculate the volume of the resulting formwork? That’s right – the depth multiplied by the width and the result is again multiplied by the length. This result gives us the necessary foundation for pouring concrete number.
A little differently calculates the number of ingredients needed for self-concrete – for this purpose you need to know the recipe for concrete foundation. Typically, it includes cement, sand, gravel and water in certain proportions. On this basis and calculated quantities of ingredients.