The composition of the concrete for the foundation: how to cook and to calculate the right amount of concrete mix

Oddly enough, but most people, when confronted with the construction of the concrete foundation, prefers not to order a ready solution in specialized companies, and kneading it by yourself. Perhaps they think that it happened cheaper. Although it is actually just the opposite. Convince people is difficult enough, but these stereotypes we will try to break with the site In this article answer to the eternal question, What is the composition of the concrete for the foundation to choose how to calculate the amount you need and how to prepare a solution.

Pouring the foundation under the fence: Tools tab, tips!

Any holiday and infield fence fenced. It is necessary for the protection of buildings in the area from unwanted visitors, including animals and humans. In addition, the fence is necessary to indicate the boundaries of a particular site. Pouring the foundation under the fence requires a special approach and knowledge.

How to knead concrete: proportions . Tips for beginners.

Concrete – it’s hard artificial building material, which is obtained thanks to a special hardening mixture, consisting of binders, aggregates and water. Concrete is considered the most versatile building material. So he has found application in all areas of construction. To obtain high-quality products are only recommended first-class components and strictly adhere to the established proportions.

Sliding doors

Recall that the sliding door system (as opposed to swing) for his work glides along the plane of the wall or hiding in a specially prepared wall niche. Such slip implemented, usually through the use of a special mechanism. As a guide it protrude conventional rails fabricated from steel or aluminum profile.   The scheme of the mechanism of sliding doors When self-installing sliding doors, you can use the two most common types of sliding mechanisms that differ in the way they mount the moving part. In the first version of fastening special rollers mounted on the lower edge of the sliding doors, lean with his move to the guide profile that is placed directly on the floor.