Sliding doors

Interior sliding doorsRecall that the sliding door system (as opposed to swing) for his work glides along the plane of the wall or hiding in a specially prepared wall niche. Such slip implemented, usually through the use of a special mechanism. As a guide it protrude conventional rails fabricated from steel or aluminum profile.


The scheme of the mechanism of sliding doors
When self-installing sliding doors, you can use the two most common types of sliding mechanisms that differ in the way they mount the moving part. In the first version of fastening special rollers mounted on the lower edge of the sliding doors, lean with his move to the guide profile that is placed directly on the floor.

Details of the mechanism of sliding doors

This option arrangement of sliding doors is very convenient in all respects and allows the use of lower guide as a small threshold. Upper guide in this case is only necessary to hold the cloth in the doorway. To limit the movement of the door and prevent damage from accidental bumps with a sharp opening them in the system are special stoppers fitted with the shock-absorbing pads.

In the second method of fastening the door leaf is fixed in the opening by means of rollers mounted on its upper edge. Lower track while absent, and the whole door system virtually “hangs” in the air. The advantages of this option is the absence of a threshold and the complete freedom to choose your desired floor.


Before starting work, you must choose one or the other mechanism for sliding doors, ideal for your apartment and meet the general concepts of reliability and functionality. The standard mechanism to self-assembly of doors of this type are included, as a rule, the following components:

aluminum profile length of about 2 meters;
set of support (false) rollers;
travel stops (stops);
special mounting kit.
Preparatory work for the installation of doors
Pay attention! Modern sliding mechanisms capable of withstanding leaf weighing about 100 kg and use them protected silicone-coated rollers and special bearings provides quiet and reliable operation of the whole system.
In addition to the retention mechanism door you will need to choose the appropriate design of the door leaf and prepare timber 40×40 mm, which may be necessary for arranging the upper guide. When debugging mechanism interior sliding doors with their hands do not forget that the smoothness and softness of their progress will depend on how well and accurately, this mechanism will be established.

Pay attention! The slightest deviation from the installation dimensions can lead to serious problems in the future use of doors (they can jam).

Installation of doors

In addition to the components listed above at the time of installation, you should be prepared doorway appropriate dimensions. Its pair of sidewalls and a floor and an upper section must be strictly parallel (tolerance – 5 mm). It is also necessary to pay attention to the fact that the wall will slide along the door which was even as possible, since this determines the tightness of web thereto.

Consider the case of arrangement of sliding doors, cloth which is not hidden in a special niche, and moves along the wall and has a lower mounting.

So, after preparing all the components are fixed on the floor of the lower rail, the length of which should be twice the width of the opening; with one of its ends has to protrude 50 mm from the edge of the opening. After that, check the accuracy of its installation using a spirit level. With a slight slope of the floor in your apartment door can then move out all the time in one way or another.

Installation guide

Further, using the supplied fasteners, anchoring spots on the lower section of the door leaf and set it on the lower guide. Such a fitting setting will allow you to partition the installation location of the top guide, correct installation which is also verified by the level. Then fasten the guide to the marked area to the plate with dowels or screws. Upon completion of the installation guide is mounted on top of her two stops from the kit (one on each side) and close the special decorative panel of the auxiliary material. This panel is mounted on rails using all the same screws and close on the sides of decorative covers.

You must then take the door leaf and slightly bend it away from the plane of movement, to get under the upper part of the decorative panel, fixing the upper rollers in the guide. Then lift the door and make the lower rollers in the guide is attached to the floor.

Mounting of the second fabric mounting method differs from the contact so that the lower guide is absent, and all the load take up rollers arranged in the upper guide. In the case where you want the door leaf with its moving concealed in a wall niche, you will need to make a special pocket of plasterboard, which is mounted in the wall adjacent to the door.

Upon completion of all installation work, make sure that all the videos clearly working in their places, and fabric can be moved without undue effort. To do this, try a ride on the roller in both directions several times. With a smooth and soft during the door and there is no significant variation in the mechanism can assume that everything is done correctly and work completed.