How to repair interior doors

interior doorsOf course, the door can be classified as parts apartments, which accounts for a huge amount of stress. Every day she used many times, and in a bad mood owners may well be subject to critical and overloads. Because does not look amazing fact that it was the door and goes down first. To repair the interior doors with their hands quite a feasible task, and on this we will describe in this article.

To begin with, let’s say that the repair of interior doors can move at a very considerable period of time, if care for her, care is not subject to excessive load. However, even with the most loyal and careful regard, the door will be damaged. Interestingly, the repair is possible, even if the door was very serious damage. However, before the start of the recovery, it is necessary to calculate whether it will come more expensive than buying a whole new leaf.

Repair door can get more new leaf
Since the interior doors, mostly made of solid wood or typesetting, consider the characteristics of these types of repair doors. Just note that the main cause of damage to these door panels is often a significant change in the level of humidity or too aggressive wet cleaning. This leads to the fact that the veneer layers begin to peel. This simply pasting loose particles not able to solve the problem. To perform high quality repair interior doors of this kind, it is necessary not only to fix unstick sites veneer, but also to eliminate any voids.

So, to fix the loose particles, need to stock up a good adhesive composition, tracing paper and a heavy object, which would have served as the press. Stragglers need a good place to miss the mark with glue, cover with tracing paper and put a heavy object on top. Point is also required to fill the void by using adhesive. If you find a deep cracks, they will be able to level with the help of high-quality furniture varnish and sawdust, which can be obtained by polishing cloth.

In case, if the damage is so severe that you decide to purchase a new canvas, installation of interior doors with their hands is also quite easy to hold. Even in a situation, if you’ve never carry out installation work, follow the instructions and the presence of a minimum of skills will allow to achieve the highest quality results. What does it take to self-installation of interior doors did not become a complex undertaking for you?

Firstly, we need a set of tools: hammer, screwdriver, drill, hammer, tape measure, a good knife, building level, chisel and crowbar. Secondly, there is a need for supplies: mounting foam, dowels, transoms, wedges and screws.

Technology installation of interior doors.

Proceed directly to the mounting technology of interior doors with their hands:

Proper removal of the old door block. The web is removed from the loop, using a tool-mount dismantled and door unit.
Build a new door frame. Ideally, you should buy a door, a box which is assembled in a factory or a store employee. Otherwise, it is necessary to adjust the dimensions of the side and transverse slats, and screws to fix them securely.
Embedded loop. These parts should be installed at a distance of twenty centimeters of the top and bottom edge of the door.
Put a lock. Recommended installation height of this element – meter from the floor. With drills and chisels make the size of the notch parts, drill holes for the handles and secure mechanism screws.
Install the door frame. It must be perfectly leveled in the opening (control the correctness with a spirit level), fix wedges. After that, the right and left ends of the box drill holes. Pull the box. By remaining on the wall surface marks, with the help of punch holes for dowels do that later hammer hammer. Reinstall the door frame and secure it with long screws. Then you need to set up on the door leaf spot and put a small wedge between him and the box, then fill in the gaps between the wall and frame mounting foam. After three hours, the excess hardened foam can be easily removed with a sharp knife.
If you are in an apartment too massive doorways may need to install transoms, which is mounted in a groove.
With special finishing nails fasten trim.


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