Shower cubicles (multifunction models).

Few people think, how often do we use the bath for its intended purpose. Unfortunately, immersion in a fragrant foam cup in the majority of the working population is simply no time. Have time to take a shower. In the bath, or better yet – in the shower.
The advantage of the shower are endless. This acquisition will be particularly appropriate in a typical apartment, where every inch of valuable storage space. In addition, the bath is not always suitable for those who have small children in the house, or the older generation. Inter alia, the shower can be a place where you can relax after a hard day’s work, as well as improve their health. Relaxing function capable of performing multi-function models that include options such as massage, chromotherapy, aromateropiya, Turkish bath. In addition to improving complexes showers can be equipped with built-in radio, CD player, telephone. Of course, the more features, the more difficult and more expensive to get the whole system. Hence the difference in the price: the cost of the same model in a different configuration may vary several times.

By choosing shower should be taken with great responsibility. Before you buy, you must first determine the size and shape. To do this, you need to identify the approximate location setting shower. The shape of the cabin depends on where you’re able to put it and how will be the connection to water pipes. In the market and in stores you can find showers size 2.6 x 2.6 Ft or more. At first glance, this is not enough, but it is enough just to wash. This shower is ideal for small bathrooms or toilets already installed bathroom. Flow rate and temperature of the water in the multi-function showers can be adjusted independently by a mechanical regulator. Water pressure can also manage themselves. Inside the cabin there is a special control panel that lets you control all functions. In order to access some features of multi-function shower cabins, it is necessary that the water pressure is high enough. This value, as a rule, should be indicated in the technical documentation of the selected cabin.
Nice addition to the shower – “rain shower”. Here the water is supplied in the form of tiny droplets, often with the addition of aromatic oils. This shower helps to relax, relieve fatigue after a tiring day. Aromatic oils are used in aromatherapy, which is equipped with all the models and JACUZZI, for example, the model of SensaMare Heosch (Germany). Human exposure of certain flavors not only pleasant but also useful – it gives energy and even helps get rid of certain ailments (eg, migraine). Aromatherapy system traditionally included in the packaging of the Turkish bath – this feature is available in the model Aquafun (Pharo) and the series of Flexa, Play, Material from the Jacuzzi.

           4 Tips on choosing a shower enclosure:

1. Pay attention to the materials. Almost all the elements shower made of plastic. But do not worry about the negative effects of this material on the person. The plastic used for the production of cabins, harmless. But when buying better to give preference to models with high quality German plastic.

2. Water pressure. This figure is very important when choosing a multi-function shower. If the water pressure is not enough, hardly owners will be able to fully enjoy the whirlpool operation.

3. Bath. If the buyer leave the choice to the shower with a “bath”, it is necessary to check the seating. It should be easy to use. Try to sit on it in a store.

4. Purification. In the steam generator will not prevent a feature as water purification. However, this option will not only increase the life of the shower, but also increase its value.

Showers can be equipped with chromo therapy – treatment of color. And if the benefits of a contrast shower or steam room people more or less know the settings for chromium therapy for many yet new. Meanwhile, the color affects the well-being very effectively. In this matter, and the wavelength of light, and the brightness and duration of exposure.

Speaking of additional features, buyers usually mean hydromassage system. From each other, these systems differ primarily by the number and location of nozzles. Met with a group of nozzles designed to massage the neck, back, waist, feet. Along with the “simple” whirlpool offer its variants, such as lymphatic drainage massage, in which water is supplied to different groups of nozzles alternately. The system can be supplemented with hydromassage shower. But not simple, but some contrast or even more exotic. For instance, people who lead an active lifestyle will appreciate the shower with waterfall feature. The effect of pouring a bucket on his head provides a completely trouble-free invigorating effects.

Showers are equipped with different massage modes. For example, a “vertical” massage Neck or shoulder. There is another kind of shower enclosures, which appeared recently. This model with infrared heating. They have special infrared heaters. They are fully heated body and have a positive effect on human health.

Falls under the definition of aromatherapy bodycare – bags with dried herbs. They are used in all cabins, equipped with Turkish bath. When passing through a bag of wet hot steam cabin filled with the scent, which has a positive effect on the respiratory system, eliminating the common cold and other illnesses. Of course, one should not forget about some precautions when taking a steam bath. There are some limitations. Medical contraindications may treat people suffering from heart disease, atherosclerosis and hypertension.