Concrete work.

concrete worksAny work carried out according to certain rules. Why is private developers in 90% of cases did not even bother to look through SNIP 03/03/01 – 87 “Concrete work” before embarking on this same work. Many rescues that most running cement grade 400 or even under adverse conditions have time to acquire half of its strength. This is despite the low-rise building and helps inexperienced developers. But the percentage of defects is quite large, and that’s cracked walls and the questions arise: how to fix it.

Concrete work. Important aspects

1. pouring concrete to produce a solid foundation, dug up, and then covered with portions necessarily Trumbo layers.

2. SNP prohibits use as aggregates for concrete natural mixture (ASG). But often it is only available to the developer. Well, take a sample of your CBC construction lab, where you make the right choice of the optimal composition of the concrete mix.

3. For myself. Do not use last year’s cement. He is very hygroscopic and even in relatively dry storage conditions will always find moisture – the brand significantly reduced.

4. During the manufacture of concrete do not make any innovations. Components as recommended dose, and here’s why: coarse aggregate (gravel, crushed stone) is surrounded by fine (sand), sand particles are surrounded by cement and the rest of the space fills water.

If violated proportions, the dense mass will not work – the concrete will loose, weak. At the same excess cement is as if layering his grasp and internal stress tears already hardened crust, which is also “not good.”

5. One constructive desirable to fill all at once. Breaks are allowed no more than 2-3 hours (initial setting). If this is not possible, then before pouring the new portion of the previous necessarily “wade” metal brushes. If the break is more than 7 days, it has not come out of the monolith.

6. Vibrating concrete during installation – a very good solution.

7. laid concrete first three days are sure to keep moist and continue to periodically spray, up to 7 days.

8. All subsequent work to begin no earlier than four days after the last portion of the concrete pouring.

9. In no case did not produce concrete works, if the outdoor temperature is below plus 5 degrees without heating or heating.

Even if you think that everything is already known to you, you still invite a specialist, such an initiative during the concrete work will not be superfluous.
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